Our Entrepreneurial Platform

ECS is preparing its students to thrive in the changing professional landscape. In order to meet their needs, the school continues in its tradition of academic excellence while offering a second learning environment which addresses new skills not traditionally taught in school.

We call it the Entrepreneurial Platform. Our girls prepare for the future of work by engaging in hands-on, intergenerational, student-led challenges. They are mentored and guided not only by faculty but also industry partners who will instill an entrepreneurial mindset in our students. As a result, our girls will develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and resilience that will compliment their academic credentials.

How Does the Platform Work?

We believe that challenge-based learning must have relevance in the real world. Our Entrepreneurial Platform invites each student to select a collaborative project in her area of interest and partner with classmates and our strategic partners to transform their ideas into reality. Our girls brainstorm, plan, execute and shape solutions, modifying their roadmaps to meet the challenges. This Entrepreneurial Platform is offered in two-hour blocks once per school cycle.

Our Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners offer guidance and their resources to help our girls to DREAM BIG and transform their ideas into reality. These industry leaders have expertise in a variety of fields and are well positioned to mentor our girls to success.

Our 2019-2020 Honorary

Dr. Gina Cody - Honorary Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Dr. Gina Cody is our 2019-2020 Honorary Entrepreneur-in-Residence. She provides ECS with the powerful support of The Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Cody believes in the importance of women in positions of leadership, particularly in traditionally male-dominated fields. She was the first woman to be awarded a PhD in building engineering at Concordia University. Profit magazine described Dr. Cody as one of Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs in 2010.

A Peek at Our Girls in Action