Youth Philanthropy Initiative


Students participate in a year-long project, involving research off- and on-site research into a local charity, followed by a presentation advocating on behalf of the charity.
YPI is an international initiative designed to support young people in developing community awareness.  Students research the needs of their community and identify a local charity they believe is best placed to make positive change.
To gain greater insight into the charity, students set up site visits and conduct interviews with staff, as well as with those people who are using its services.
They learn how to assess the charity’s management, strategy, staffing arrangements and services.  By visiting their charity, they develop a real understanding of some of the challenges facing the community and are inspired to work to change society for the better.
Students use their research to make presentations on the reasons their chosen charity is most deserving of support. The team judged to have made the most compelling presentation will see $5,000 allocated to “their” charity by YPI Canada!
Over the years since this project was launched at ECS in 2009, Montreal charities such as Share the Warmth, AMI-Quebec, and the MAB/MacKay Rehabilitation Centre have been the subject of student research and benefitted from YPI support.
"Visiting the organization and meeting the children who benefit from it every day was a moving and maybe even life-changing experience. Working on this project with a team is something that I will always remember". – Chella Price, Gr. 11 Student