Choosing the right school requires careful consideration. Families extensively research their options, submit applications and attend open houses to ensure they make the best decision for their daughters.

ECS is a member of the International Coalition for Girls School (ICGS) and champions the advantages of an all-girls education. According to research, an all-girls learning environment has a strong culture of achievement, leadership and more. Here are 3 key benefits of attending an all-girls school like ECS. 

A girls' school education builds higher self-confidence

“The Positive Effects of the Girls’ School Environment: An Analysis of PISA Data” reports that 77% of girls' school students consider themselves confident. They noted feeling a sense of accomplishment, a keen ability to identify solutions when facing challenges, and an adeptness at multitasking.  

Our learning environment inspires girls to take centre stage

At ECS, we believe that every girl has a voice and a choice. She is the entrepreneur of her own future! According to the “Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls Schools” report, all-girls schools provide space for students to freely express themselves, and develop higher order independent thinking skills. 

All-girls learning environments have a strong culture of achievement

Nearly 80% of girls’ school students say most of their classes challenge them to reach their full academic potential, compared to 44% of girls at co-ed public schools. Additionally, more than 80% of girls’ school graduates deem their academic performance very successful. 

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