Helping each of our students achieve personal growth and whole-girl wellness is a priority for us at ECS.
The people making that happen include the school counsellors, learning specialists, and academic advisors, who make up the Learning to Learn (L2L) team.

This group of dedicated professionals works with teachers, students, families, and in some cases organizations and individuals outside of the school to ensure that each and every girl gets the support and resources she needs to thrive.

L2L team members also provide advice to groups inside the school - such as the Gay-Straight Alliance Club and the Parent Association - to bring in experts such as Dr. Laurence Steinberg, who spoke to parents, faculty, and staff about the latest research into adolescence.

Thanks to their efforts, ECS students benefit from initiatives such as pet therapy and meditation exercises. The daily “Mindful Moments” in Junior School help even our youngest students to learn to focus, and look inward.

We are also very mindful of the need to optimize the student experience at the School, and to give them more of a voice. Our Student Development Lead works closely with student leaders throughout the school to ensure ECS girls become strong self-advocates, who take their own growth and wellness to heart as much as we do.