Rennie MacLeod, ECS Librarian

"Libraries open doors, hearts, and minds."

Our library is a warm, welcoming, and innovative learning environment that offers students and staff a myriad of print and digital resources for all levels. 

Staffed by a professional librarian, it is an integral part of the school’s academic programme. Through the Library and Information Fluency Programme students are supported and guided in their knowledge-seeking and knowledge-building learning experiences, providing them with opportunities to develop and use their critical thinking and information fluency skills, as well as encouraging them to explore, connect, and develop a love of reading. 

The Library and Information Fluency Programme, embedded in student research and project work, is a collaborative programme involving teachers from all levels as well as the IT staff. This incorporates current information technologies such as eBooks, subscription online databases, electronic pathfinders, production software, and other web-based resources and tools, ensuring students are digitally proficient and aware. Maysie Online is the library’s portals. The “Go To” place for research and reading, providing students and staff with digital platforms of resources and guides accessible anywhere, anytime.